Petition Forms, Advertisements, and Supplies:

Signature Kit Sheet 1

Advertisement  (Front)

  *  This is the top sheet on your petition clip board

  *  It can be printed on any Light Color Paper.

  *  If you cut about 1/4 inch off the bottom of the sheet it allows easy access

      to the signature sheets below.

Legal Language  (Back)

   *  Print this page on the back of the petition advertisement sheet with the

       language starting at the bottom of the page opposite direction of the front 

       advertisement  (See Picture)>

   *  1 Copy of the Legal Language must be available for viewing as you

       collect signatures on your clip board

   *  If anyone wants a hard copy of the language, direct them to the web page

Combined Legal / Advertisement Sheet  (Front and Back)

  *  Same as the above sheets

  *  For use with 2 sided printers

Signature Kit Sheet 2

Referendum (10) Signature Sheet  (Front)

*  Must be printed on minimum 20 pound white non-gloss paper

*  The front sheet must be printed in landscape mode with the lines left to right

      on the page

Referendum Information Sheet  (Back)

Must be printed on the back of the signature sheet

Combined Signature Sheet (Front and Back)

  *  Same as (10) signature sheet above

  *  For use with 2 sided printers

When collecting signatures, its better to sell from the Petition

Advertisement and make references to what the legal language actually does rather than use the poor explanation the district attorney gave us.

Signature Kit Sheet 3


  *  A basic do and don't list for signature collectors

Sign our


Demand Your

Right to Vote

on the

Clackamas County




Main Page

VRF History,

Page 2

Sign the


(Single Signer)

Make a




P.O. Box 2753


Oregon 97015

503 855-4090

Next is the signature

sheet printed in the

landscape mode and

on the back of the

signature sheet is the



How to set up


Signature Board

The top page acts as

an advertisement

and tells people at a

glance what your

petition is about

On the back of the top

page is the legal

language printed from

the bottom up so that

people can read it

easily if they want to